Taiwanese people are empty shells with no soul, personality or passion

14 Jan

Have you noticed this about Taiwan? It’s a new observation I just realized:

Even if you make a lot of friends in Taiwan, you eventually realize that these friends are really just casual acquaintances, because there is no real connection with them. Taiwanese are like empty shells with no soul or emotions, like plastic mannequins (similar to America, but even worse). Their faces are passionless and robotic, as if their soul and humanity has been squashed, suppressed or drained out of them.

It’s very sad and scary, like an inhuman society from the Twilight Zone. I’ve seen some of the older generation Taiwanese show some semblance of having a soul or emotions, but the young adult generation definitely seem empty and hollow with plastic exteriors. Thus, the friendships you make in Taiwan will ultimately be unsatisfying.

It’s also kind of depressing when you see that people are empty shells here because it leaves you wondering “How can humans descend into such a state of being?” What’s scary is that you know deep down that you don’t want to become like them, thus being around them could have a toxic negative effect on you.

What’s worse, most young Taiwanese are duds with no personality and can’t even hold a normal conversation. There is nothing really there to connect with. They are the least engaging youngsters I’ve ever met – usually quiet with nothing to say and no expression (except for very superficial ones). When you talk to them, after a few minutes or few sentences, the conversation runs dry, like you’ve run into a brick wall with nothing more to say. Asking them open ended questions about themselves, like interviewers do, will not change any of this. (if it did, I wouldn’t have a problem engaging them) They are like empty shells.

The Siberian girl I went out with in Taiwan, told me this after she returned to Siberia:

“Hello Winston! How are you doing? I dont miss taiwan. I really do not miss it, maybe just tea )))) 

i am happy here. everything is real here, people, emotions, etc. 

that girl she is a friend of mine on Facebook. I can ask her. when are you leaving taiwan? I wish I could travel around. 

what do you think about dec 21? 

take care, hope you answer me soon xxx “

As you can see, she is saying that people in Siberia are “real people with real emotions” where people in Taiwan are NOT “real people with real emotions”. lol

A Taiwanese American girl told me something interesting:

“2) One point you should mention is many White men who come or live here 

think every Yellow woman is some kind of easy lay or submissive geisha 

should be in for a rude awakening, as you have stressed in your 7 points. 

I think you should try to think of the criticisms for the men. I went to 

university here and the white men who come as foreign exchange students–I 

always see most of them alone or hanging out with other foreign exchange 

students. Taiwanese society is just too hard to fit in and ever fully 

adjust to. “

That’s very true and concurs with my observation as well. Most foreigners I see in Taiwan only hang out with other foreigners, or with Westernized Asians/Taiwanese sometimes. But not with local mainstream typical Taiwanese. No way. So you gotta wonder, what’s the point of coming to a foreign country if you can only befriend or connect with other foreigners?

Further, I don’t understand why any foreigner comes to Taiwan. If I were a foreigner who wanted to study Chinese culture, I’d go to China. I don’t see why I would want to go to Taiwan. It doesn’t make sense.

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6 Responses to “Taiwanese people are empty shells with no soul, personality or passion”

  1. romeo0310 February 8, 2013 at 9:31 pm #

    Accurate four point summary of Taiwan:

    In summary and in a nutshell, Taiwan sucks because:

    a) Girls are unapproachable, uptight, stuck up, overly shy, paranoid, flaky, empty, souless, hard to meet, difficult to connect with, and cannot hold a good conversation. (compared to girls in most countries that is) They do not flirt, have a cold wall around them, are very cliquish, and will not socialize with you unless you are invited into their group.
    b) People are uptight, robotic, cold, stiff, narrow, insular, prudish, overly conservative, workaholic, hard to connect with, and difficult to hold a conversation with. They are empty shells with no personality, devoid of soul, passion and energy. (compared to most countries that is) Their nature is cold and practical, which makes them boring and lacking in creativity and imagination.
    c) There is not much beautiful scenery or nature, and the architecture and buildings are ugly and drab. The climate is often unpleasant and the air is humid and not very clean or crisp. (by American standards that is) It’s also hard to find open fields, prairies or pastures.
    d) The culture is boring and flat, and does not even feel inclusive. There is nothing to grow your soul. Time just passes by and is wasted with no meaning or special memories. Eventually, you regret the time you waste in Taiwan, which could be better spent elsewhere.

    I have seen very few exceptions to the above, and countless examples that fit the above. God that sucks. What a terrible place, the most boring I’ve ever been for sure. Even America is a lot more interesting and exciting than Taiwan. Taiwan ought to win an award for “The most dull and meaningless country”.

  2. Anonymous August 5, 2013 at 4:30 pm #

    You are a total loser. Why spend your life hating? Did your mom dump you in the toilet after you were born? thats why you are so resentful? Go suck on your thumb and play with your little asian dick.

    • Yicko Lee August 28, 2014 at 10:52 pm #

      Woah. Anger management, illiterate fool.

  3. Christine May 4, 2014 at 1:46 am #

    Janet is the best

    • Anonymous November 4, 2014 at 2:49 pm #

      You seem to be inactive and so I hope you STAY INACTIVE.
      Why would you post something so racist amd invalid? Not only did you refer to these people as “emotionless” and “plastic” but you also generalized them for being such. Taiwanese people (or anyone for that matter) are not plastic, robotic, empty shells, or whatever negative description you’ve hurled at them in this article. What exactly do you have against this race? You’re just a sad dildo hating against a country because of your boring life. All your articles are invalid claims against the people of Taiwan including Janet Hsieh. Do you envy her because she has her own show and the support of her fans? Because you, on the other hand, are begging for attention and support from haters by creating this blog to attack Taiwan?
      Fuck you. You deserve the hottest spot in Hell.
      I hope you tear this blog down. Even if you keep this up, nobody would listen to your bullshit anyway.

  4. Raga D August 1, 2015 at 2:40 pm #

    “Bias – angry – frustrated – humiliated – hurt” & “racist” is what you sound like. I doubt you have met every single person of Taiwan to make such low & bias opinion. You say that taiwanese people are narrow minded but in fact you sound narrow minded . I guess you are the kind of person who cannot take no for an answer specially from girls. You most probably like girls submissive and easy and you may not be a good listener inorder to be liked by a girl. As for understanding a country’s culture one should have open mind, respect and eagerness to understand it. you need introspection. do you know you sound like a cultural terrorist?!

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