Chinese vs. Taiwanese girls on dating sites: See the difference in attitude!

13 Jul

Hi all,
I’d like to demonstrate a big attitude difference between Chinese and Taiwanese girls with some real examples I’ve experienced from dating sites. Now you’d think that they’d be similar since they came from the same culture, language and ethnicity, but it turns out not to be so at all.

On dating sites, I’ve written many women in both China and Taiwan. The difference in attitude has been astounding. For example, here is a typical response I get from Chinese women (which I have a high response rate from):

“Thank you for your sincere letter.
You are an excellent man. Hope someday I could manage my own business like you.I can’t believe that a man like you ,so excellent,has no girlfriend.Maybe you have many chasers, but you just haven’t met your real girl.
You look a little like my school counsellor.But he is much younger than you.You two both are handsome.??
Hope we can be friends.

As you can see, she was complimentary and enthusiastic. The example was from PlentyofFish.

In contrast, 99 percent of the Taiwanese women I write to don’t reply at all, and if they do, they only write one lame line. Here is one example from PlentyofFish:

“You just copied and pasted your intro. Isn’t it a bit too lazy?”

After I explained to her that I only send out a form letter the first time to save time and be efficient, and that subsequent letters would be personalized, she disappeared and had nothing to say back.

Obviously, she wasn’t even interested in me. She just wanted to make a wise-crack remark at me. (Gee thanks. We get enough of that from Western women, why go to Taiwan? Sheesh.) This clearly reflects a spoiled attitude. She didn’t tell me about herself or comment on my letter at all. So much for friendly sincere correspondence…

Here is another one liner response from a Taiwanese girl with no point, also on PlentyofFish:

“I am gonna move to Taipei soon too:/”

I don’t know why she said that. It had nothing to do with my letter nor did I indicate that I was moving to Taipei. It was a pointless airhead response. She didn’t tell me about herself or comment on my letter at all.

Another time, on OkCupid, I wrote many Taiwanese girls and got only one response:

“sorry you’re not my type”

Enough said.

On the other hand, see this response from a high quality sincere sweet girl in Shenzhen, China that I’ve been corresponding with for a long time. When I first wrote her, this was her first initial response:

“Hello Winston,
How are you?

Firstly, Please accept my apology of late reply because i haven’t been checking the account for a while. i was so happy just now to read your email this afternoon, you seems a very nice person from email and your photos.
Meanwhile i am also glad that you like my profile and photos. I guess you must be a very patient,romantic,gentle and passionate people, the kind of which,however, i am looking for.

Secoldly, a little about me? I am 25years girl, living and working in the city of Shenzhen where it’s near to HongKong, have you been to either of them?
I am a buyer working for an exporting company, I like reading, chatting with nice friends, listening to romantic music and also I like TRAVELLING. hehe..

Finally, Iam so happy to hear about your compliment about Chinese girl and you like Chinese girl.
As for myself, I am seriously looking for a boyfriend as well, the relationship of which might possibly lead to a marriage.
Maybe we can try to get to know each other more better and who knows, we might be the one that we have been looking for.

BTW, when you will go China? have you ever been China before?
hehe, i speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and some English, if there is a chance, i could teach you more Mandarin or even Cantonese, and because of my oral english is not that good, maybe i need your help too. hehe.

Best wishes and talk to you soon.”

As you can see, she is sincere, sweet, positive, and enthusiastic. And she introduced herself with a proper letter. Now this is the kind of response that authentic sincere guys like me dream of receiving. With Chinese women, that dream becomes a reality. But I NEVER get a letter like that from anyone in Taiwan!

In her letter, you can see that she is feminine, sweet, sincere, down to earth, and educated as well – what more could you ask for? That’s what every normal guy wants, a girl that’s sweet, feminine and down to earth. It’s not a lot to ask for, yet in spoiled westernized countries like Taiwan and America, where women have a bad attitude, it seems like it’s too much to ask for. In such cultures, expecting women to be nice, sincere, and open is unrealistic and asking for too much. Sheesh. What a difference location makes eh?

Well that’s the beauty of it. Location often makes all the difference. It’s a simple yet taboo secret. Yet you are never told this by mainstream media or conventional sources. Instead, you are given the illusion that people are the same everywhere. What a pity.

This is why I like showing you all such differences, so you can see how real they are, even though other websites don’t talk about them. Hope you all appreciate that. As you know, I’m the type that tells truths that others don’t have the guts to tell. I guess it’s taboo and “uncool” to make such comparisons, but nevertheless they are VERY REAL, as demonstrated in my experiences depicted above.

As you know, there is an unspoken rule in this world that when you speak or write publicly, you are only allowed to say nice, polite, positive, lighthearted things about people and places. The only time you are allowed to talk about negative things is if it’s on the news – which is usually related to jobs, economics, disasters, etc. But as to the topic of spoiled rotten people with bad attitudes in westernized countries, no way, you aren’t allowed to talk about that. It’s taboo. But as you know, I don’t give a @#$% about taboos. I just tell it like it is, and I back up what I say with real examples and valid arguments and reasons.

So you gotta wonder: Why the big difference? What is the problem? Who is the problem? Is it me or the sterile environment of Taiwan and the overly picky spoiled girls who are cold and stuck up?

If the problem is me, then how come girls in many other countries treat me better, are more warm and open, and more enthusiastic and appreciative toward me? Why do I feel so much more valuable to foreign girls? They make me FEEL so much better about myself. How can I feel like a totally different person to women from different cultures? The difference is staggering. It’s like I’m two different people – a worthless guy in Taiwan, and a valued desired guy in many other countries.

It’s really weird how location changes everything and makes all the difference.

Before anyone attacks me, let me ask you this: If you were me, would you prefer to feel wanted, desired and valuable? Or unwanted, undesired and worthless? Which one?


3 Responses to “Chinese vs. Taiwanese girls on dating sites: See the difference in attitude!”

  1. Emma March 16, 2013 at 7:03 pm #

    hahaha seriously? the only reason the chinese girls are that friendly to you is because many of them want to marry someone, anyone, that can finally help them escape from china, and half of the things they say to you are lies including their jobs or family backgrounds, they only see you as a ticket out of china or as a better option than any other random lower rank local chinese…i mean they call you handsome and good looking!!! deep down you know you are not good looking, im not trying to be mean, im just being straight forward…think about it. As for the taiwanese girls, they are just probably not as desperate or they just see you as the typical internet creepy bad looking asshole. You have some serious self confidence issues, if you really like europe that much why dont you just move there? but i doubt you will get a decent life long wife…you look like the typical asian that is easy to take advantage of…they will probably squeeze all the money out of you and then dump you, unless you marry a old, fat and ugly european, only in that case she might be actually into you. Maybe if you try picking up ugly taiwanese girls then you might get some, im guessing you have your eyes set on the pretty ones…pretty people usually like pretty people…so just stick to your own kind, because with that sucky personality of yours you can only depend on your looks.

    • Anonymous March 20, 2013 at 1:26 am #

      Haha amen

      ” I explained to her that I only send out a form letter the first time to save time and be efficient, and that subsequent letters would be personalized”


  2. Pick Up White Women As an Asian Man June 19, 2017 at 9:51 am #

    I love anything & everything that is written well… yeah you got some good content going on there for sure.

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